Vegan Sesame Chicken: A Culinary Symphony

Vegan Sesame Chicken
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Delve into the world of plant-based delight with our rendition of Vegan Sesame Chicken. This innovative dish not only pays homage to the rich tradition of Chinese flavors but also embraces the principles of a plant-powered lifestyle. Join me on this flavorful journey as we uncover the origins, master the art of preparation, and savor each bite of this vegan masterpiece.

Origin and History: A Compassionate Evolution

Vegan Sesame Chicken emerges as a compassionate evolution of the classic Chinese-American favorite. While the traditional version has deep roots in Chinese culinary history, the vegan adaptation is a celebration of inclusivity, offering a cruelty-free alternative that captures the essence of this beloved dish.

Special Traditional Tools: Crafting Vegan Sesame Chicken with Authenticity

To ensure the authenticity of Vegan Sesame Chicken, let’s explore the traditional tools that contribute to its perfection.

  • Wok: The Quintessential Stir-Frying Vessel
  • The wok is the heartbeat of Chinese stir-frying, and its role in creating Vegan Sesame Chicken is pivotal. Its unique design and ability to distribute heat evenly make it the ideal vessel for achieving the perfect crispness in your vegan protein.
  • High Heat Mastery: Embrace high heat for that signature smoky wok flavor.
  • Quick Toss Technique: Perfect the art of quick tossing to evenly coat every piece of vegan protein.

Tips and Tricks

  • Choosing the Right Vegan Protein
    Choose either firm tofu or seitan to guarantee your Vegan Sesame Chicken attains the desired texture. Press the tofu to eliminate excess moisture, enhancing both marination absorption and crispiness.
  • Effective Marination Process
    Infuse your selected vegan protein with the magic of Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix, soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup, cornstarch, and a touch of garlic powder. Let it luxuriate in the marinade for a minimum of 30 minutes, ensuring each piece embraces the opulence of these rich and savory flavors.

How to Use Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix: Elevating Flavorful Bliss

Enhance the ease of creating Vegan Sesame Chicken with the use of Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix.

  • Marinate Vegan Protein: Generously coat your tofu or seitan with Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix during the marination process.
  • Sauté to Crispy Perfection: In your hot wok, stir-fry the marinated vegan protein until it achieves a golden, crispy exterior.

How to make Vegan Sesame Chicken

Vegan Sesame Chicken: A Culinary Symphony

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Visualize a plate adorned with golden nuggets of Vegan Sesame Chicken, glistening with a delectable glaze. Each bite is a harmonious dance of textures, from the crispy exterior to the succulent, flavorful core.


  • Vegan Protein (Tofu or Seitan): 400g, cubed

  • Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix: 3 tablespoons

  • Soy Sauce: 2 tablespoons

  • Sesame Oil: 1 tablespoon

  • Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar: 2 tablespoons

  • Cornstarch: 2 tablespoons

  • Garlic Powder: 1 teaspoon

  • Sesame Seeds: For garnish

  • Green Onions: Sliced, for garnish

  • Oil for Stir-Frying: 2 tablespoons


  • Marinate Vegan Protein: Blend the vegan protein with Sesame Chicken Seasoning Mix, soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup, cornstarch, and a hint of garlic powder. Let the fusion marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing the symphony of flavors to harmonize and elevate the essence of your dish.
  • Stir-Fry to Crispiness: Heat oil in the wok, add the marinated vegan protein, and stir-fry until golden brown and irresistibly crispy.
  • Drizzle and Garnish: Infuse an extra surge of delectable flavor by generously drizzling the residual marinade atop the stir-fried vegan protein. Embellish your culinary creation with a scattering of sesame seeds and the finely sliced elegance of green onions.
  • Serve Hot: Enjoy your Vegan Sesame Chicken hot, accompanied by rice or noodles.


  • In conclusion, Vegan Sesame Chicken isn’t just a dish; it’s a plant-powered ode to the classic. As you savor each bite, revel in the fusion of traditional Chinese flavors with the goodness of a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle.

How to reheat Sesame Chicken

The Importance of Proper Reheating

  • Enhancing Taste and Texture: Reheating sesame chicken is not just a matter of heating leftovers; it’s an art form. Proper reheating ensures that the crispy exterior remains intact, while the succulent interior is brought back to life. The goal is to recreate the initial symphony of flavors that first captivated your palate.
  • Retaining Moisture: Sesame chicken has a tendency to dry out during reheating, robbing it of its juiciness. Our techniques aim to preserve the moisture, ensuring your reheated dish is as luscious as the first serving.

Expert Tips for Reheating Sesame Chicken

  • Steam Magic: Steaming is our go-to method for reheating sesame chicken. Place the pieces in a heatproof dish, cover, and steam for a few minutes. This gentle process revives the tenderness without compromising the crispy exterior.
  • Oven Perfection: For those who crave that extra crunch, the oven is your ally. Preheat to 350°F, place the chicken on a baking sheet, and let it crisp up for 10-15 minutes. This method ensures an even reheating process, bringing back the original texture.
  • Wok Wizardry: Embrace the authenticity of Chinese cooking by using a wok. Stir-fry your sesame chicken over medium heat, adding a splash of water to reintroduce moisture. This method imparts a smoky flavor reminiscent of the restaurant experience.

The Art of Presentation

Reheating is only part of the equation; presenting your sesame chicken with flair completes the experience.

  • Garnish Gracefully
    Revitalize your culinary masterpiece with the vibrant allure of freshly diced green onions and a dash of sesame seeds, infusing not just visual charm but elevating the entire flavor spectrum. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen, where every bite is a journey through unexpected twists and tantalizing bursts of taste.
  • Serve with Sides
    Complement your reheated sesame chicken with classic Chinese sides like steamed rice or stir-fried vegetables. The combination creates a balanced and satisfying meal.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking the finesse of reheating sesame chicken is a culinary prowess worth cultivating. Dive into the realm of gastronomic wizardry with our seasoned advice, transforming leftovers into a culinary opus. Savor the essence of this cherished dish, indulging in flavors that transport you back to the very first bite.

Nutrition Facts

1 servings per container


  • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 8g 13%
    • Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
    • Total Carbohydrate 30g 10%
      • Protein 15g 30%

        * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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